Fatal cardiovascular risk in Poland as determined via Internet

Bartosz Trzeciak 1, Piotr Gutknecht 1, Andrzej Molisz 1, Janusz Siebert 1
1 - Medical Unversity of Gdańsk, Poland
Ann Agric Environ Med

ICID: 1235161
Article type: Original article
Web information systems can serve as a diagnostic tool for Internet users and to support the epidemiological work of doctors and health care providers. As part of this work, a system for detecting and calculating cardiovascular risk has been created.
Objectives. 1) Application of web-based risk assessment of cardiovascular death; 2) an attempt to evaluate the distribution of selected risk factors among the population of Polish Internet users; 3) implementation of the epidemiological imaging system of cardiovascular risk factors.
Materials and method. The ‘Ryzyko’ programme (www.ryzyko.gumed.edu.pl.) available on the Internet. To assess cardiovascular death risk in a ten year period the algorithm of the SCORE project was used. 28,320 solutions of the algorithm have been registered.
Results. Over 28,000 webpage visitors entered the required data and received the outcome. More than 71% of Internauts who entered the data received the recommendation for medical control. The result of the programme is a graphic presentation of the distribution of the calculated risk of death, based on previously gathered information given by the Internauts in particular provinces in Poland.
Conclusion. Automatic monitoring of the incidence of cardiovascular risk factors in Poland provides information for epidemiological studies. The system meets the characteristics of diagnostic programmes that can assist epidemiologic-based and therapeutic decisions.
DOI: 10.5604/12321966.1235161

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