Analysis of the concept of informed consent concerning the use of genetic material according to the European Convention on Bioethics and in other solutionsm – Propositions for broad consent for future genetic research from the point of view of the activity of the Biobank

Rafał Patryn 1, Jarosław Sak 1
1 - Department of Ethics and Human Philosophy, Medical University, Lublin
Ann Agric Environ Med

ICID: 1232088
Article type: Original article
 Objective. The aim of the article is a critical presentation of the typology of consents included in the European Convention on Bioethics and in other formal solutions concerning the gathering of genetic material in institutions called Biobanks.
Materials and method. Existing types of Acts of Consent are inaccurate in their scope and possess insufficient information regarding the gathering of genetic material (application, usage, processing) and their final (future and diverse) use.
Results. Lack of precise legal regulations on the broad future use of genetic material may result in various formal problems relating both to research participants as well as those commissioning the research. Ultimately, it may lead to various complications with the appropriate legal interpretation of consent and possible claims on behalf of the donors. Conclusions. The presented proposition of consent with a terminal premise is to be applied eventually to legal and formal aspects of the collecting of genetic material. It is a possible solution which would clarify the issue of informed consent, and may be implemented in the regulations of the Convention as well as constitute a self-contained legislative solution to this matter. For example, Polish law in its current form, without the ratification of the Bioethical Convention, allows the collecting of material for genetic testing for determination of the risk of genetic defects in common genetic material from people who are planning to have a child.
DOI: 10.5604/12321966.1232088    

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